Molasses Powder 65N

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ADM’s Molasses Powder 65N dry molasses sweetener ingredients are ideal for many applications from baked goods to batters & breadings, dry mixes and dressings & sauces. This dry sweetener is an alternative to liquid molasses, which eliminates the need for costly liquid heating and storage as well as messy packaging disposal. 

Plus, dry molasses appeals to customers who are looking for a better-for-you, recognizable sweetener ingredient. 

This product is spray dried and 65% molasses.


  • Provides rich, natural color ranging from light tan to dark brown
  • Natural humectant properties with high water absorption
  • Provides mild molasses flavor with uniform sweetness
  • Avoids sanitation problems compared to liquid molasses
  • Requires less storage space
  • Contributes less waste
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Has the same flavor and functionality as traditional liquid molasses


  • Can be used in applications where the use of a soluble molasses is desirable

Comes in a 25kg. bag. 


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