Honey Powder 50N

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Consumers see honey as the better-for-you sweetener. With ADM Honey Powder 50N, you can achieve the flavor, sweetness and nutrients of liquid honey, with all the benefits and without the sticky mess. 

Similar to ADM Honey Powder 50, also created and distributed by ADM, this product is a dry honey sweetener. Compared to liquid honey, it easily and uniformly incorporates into formulations, reduces mess and eliminates the need for costly liquid heating and storage. ADM Honey Powder 50N has an additional benefit; it’s non-GMO. 

This product is spray dried and 41-44% honey.


  • Uniform sweetness & flavor
  • Comparable flavor & nutrition as liquid honey
  • Complements and enhances other flavorings
  • Natural humectant properties, with high absorption rates
  • Needs less storage space, thus more efficient
  • Reduces shrinkage


  • Can be used where the use of a soluble dry honey is desirable
  • Contributes to browning
  • Incorporates more easily into formulations compared to liquid honey and other liquid sweeteners

Comes in a 50 lb. bag. 


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