ADM Maltodextrin CR10

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ADM’s Maltodextrin CR10 can help you meet your applications needs while fulfilling consumer demands. Our clean-tasting maltodextrin delivers on mouthfeel and body, but doesn’t add sweetness or impact taste and texture. Our maltodextrin is the perfect carrier for your product’s own signature flavor and helps improve foods and beverages’ taste and appearance, plus helps support a longer shelf life. 

This product is a non-sweet, nutritive saccharide that is produced as a white, odorless powder.


  • Non-hydroscopicity
  • Low osmotic pressure
  • Extends shelf life


  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Carbohydrate-based fat replacement
  • Impacts volume and provides bulk in baked goods
  • Freezing point control and crystal growth inhibition
  • Protein dispersion
  • Increased foam retention in beverages
  • Provides humectancy in confections
  • Can create a shiny, crisp surface ideal for seasoning adhesion

Comes in a 25kg. bag. 



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