ADM Maltodextrin CR18

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Max Qty: 25

Maltodextrin offers a variety of functional benefits beyond simply dispersing flavor—from adding body and mouthfeel, to helping extend shelf life. ADM’s high-quality, do-it-all ADM Maltodextrin CR18 delivers a variety of functional benefits without interfering with the taste of your finished product. 

ADM’s Maltodextrin CR18 can help you meet your applications needs and fulfill consumer expectations. 

This product is a non-sweet, nutritive saccharide that is produced as a white, odorless powder.


  • Non-hydroscopicity
  • Low osmotic pressure
  • Extends shelf life


  • Carbohydrate-based fat replacement
  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Impacts volume and provides bulk in baked goods
  • Freezing point control and crystal growth inhibition
  • Protein dispersion
  • Increased foam retention in beverages
  • Provides humectancy in confections
  • Can create a shiny, crisp surface ideal for seasoning adhesion

Comes in a 25kg. bag. 




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