ADM Dextrose A

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Dextrose, also known as D-glucose, is a simple sugar that comes from corn, wheat and other natural sources, such as fruits and honey. It’s approximately 70% as sweet as traditional sugar. This versatile ingredient can be found in almost all applications including baked goods, icings, ice creams, functional drinks, meats, dry mixes and even pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Dextrose solves many application challenges and brings a variety of functional benefits. 


Less than 1.0% through #16 screen


  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Delivers smooth mouthfeel
  • Aids moisture control
  • Supports shelf stability


  • Delivers smooth mouthfeel
  • Promotes Maillard browning
  • Standardizes proofing in yeast-raised breads and donuts
  • Enhances fermentation and carbonation in craft beers
  • Efficient energy absorption rate, ideal for energy and sports drinks
  • Delivers unique cooling sensation to gum and mints
  • Provides tendering effect and reduces viscosity
  • Improves whipping properties in marshmallows
  • Reduces panning, drying, finishing and polishing time in candy coatings

Comes in a 25kg. bag. 


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