Non GMO Crystalline Fructose M

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ADM’s GMO Crystalline Fructose is second to none, including traditional cane sugar. It’s a nutritive sugar that is up to 100% fructose and is naturally occurring in fruits, some vegetables, agave and honey. 

This product has a similar calorie content to cane sugar, but with up to 1.6x the sweetness. This means crystalline fructose can be used at lower levels to reduce calories by 20-30%, while still delivering the same level of sweetness. At the same time, crystalline fructose contributes flavor, body characteristics and moisture retention to help create a pleasing mouthfeel and eating experience.


  • Clean sweetness and no aftertaste
  • The low glycemic index of fructose makes it appealing to application specialists


  • Balances off-notes when combined with low- and no-calorie sweeteners
  • Provides desirable body for frozen desserts
  • Lowers freezing point for pourability in frozen beverages and concentrates
  • Provides lower viscosity and high sweetness levels ideal for confections
  • Acts as a humectant in baked goods

Comes in a 25kg. bag. 


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