Potassium Citrate, Granular

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Potassium citrate is commonly used as a solution for reduced sodium food and beverage products. It is a highly soluble monohydrate salt derived from citric acid. ADM’s high-quality potassium citrate has similar buffering and sequestering properties as sodium citrate. 

It adds a clean, refreshing tartness in food and beverage products while providing benefits such as pH adjustment, antioxidant preservation, vitamin absorption, acting as a chelating agent and flavor enhancement. 

Potassium citrate is available as white translucent crystal that is water soluble and has a 36-month shelf life. The portfolio complies to meet specifications established in monographs by United States Pharmacopeia and Food Chemical Codes.

Produced in the U.S.


  • Chelating agent
  • Antioxidant preservation
  • pH regulation
  • Flavor enhancement
  • Emulsifying capabilities
  • Moisture control
  • High solubility
  • Protection from development of off-flavor and off-odors


  • Buffers acidity in foods and beverages
  • Emulsifying agent in cheese
  • Substitute ideal for low-sodium formulations including beverages

Comes in a 25kg. bag.


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