Ingredients for enhanced thickening, tenderness, stability and texture

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On-Trend Taste & Texture

The high-quality, neutral-flavored starches sourced by ADM deliver enhanced texture and tenderness across a wide range of processed foods. Our clean-tasting starch can help you tailor your product to consumer lifestyle diets like non-GMO, gluten free, keto and clean label.

The Right Starch for the Right Texture

With ADM’s Texperien® line of grain-free, gluten-free starches you can find the right starch to provide high-quality, finely calibrated, enhanced thickening, tenderness, stability and texture for your product. ADM’s starches are your reliable, innovative solution.

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Resistant Tapioca Starch

ADM’s resistant tapioca starch is 90% insoluble dietary fiber and easily replaces flour for superior high-fiber formulations—ideal in low-carb and keto-friendly baked goods.

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Starch to Support the Lifestyles of Health- & Wellness-Conscious Consumers

Appeal to consumers with specific lifestyle diets, such as gluten free and keto, by giving them products that have taste and mouthfeel that exceed expectations. Health-conscious foods don’t have to taste worse than their traditional counterparts. Starches help maintain the stability and texture of foods adhering to these specialty diets. Benefits of ADM’s starch include:

Clean Flavor: Blend effortlessly, and tastelessly, into formulations with our starch’s smooth white texture, uniform cell structure and clean, neutral flavor.

Easy to Use: Easily replace transitional fiber with this superior high-fiber, gluten-free alternative.

Control Moisture: With low water-holding capacity, create crave-worthy mouthfeel and textures.

Various Claims & Certifications: Our resistant tapioca starch labels as gluten free, grain free, high fiber, low calorie, low glycemic index, low net carbs and non-GMO.

Enhance Texture & Stability: Provide stability and improve texture and tenderness across a wide variety of top-of-the-line foods.

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Better Nutrition Plus Improved Taste & Texture

Better-for-you options can thrive in any application area, with the clean flavor and smooth texture of specialty starch solutions. Anywhere you can use traditional flour, you can replace it with ADM resistant tapioca starch.

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Feature dietary fiber, fewer glycemic carbs and calorie reduction that support weight management and digestive health.

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Soup, Salad, & Dressings

Thicken, stabilize and improve freeze/thaw performance in liquid food systems.

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Processed Meat / Meat Alt.

Increase water binding and increase overall product yield.

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Snacks & Baked Goods

Improve softness and elasticity in flour and excellent water-binding capacity to increase yield and extend shelf life.

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Lifestyle Diet

Provide thickening, stabilizing and texturizing in lifestyle diet foods such as gluten-free and keto.

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Aid soft, gel-like textures.